( All the assets are from The Cry Engine 3 SDK & Crysis II SDK , except few ground textures from gametextures.com )


As a first contact with the Cry Engine i wanted to start with a simple exercise to explore the engine.

The goal : create a small map from objects available in the Crysis 2 SDK and Cry Engine 3 only, and set up three very different atmospheres for this environment.

I made all the building and lighting of the map from scratch except the river and waterfalls parts which are initially based on portions of the Cry engine 3 SDK Forest map ( the Water flows are meshes ).

I spent 1 month on it, with several technical tests during this time.

Here is the result! :



And as a bonus the Catacombs!


I was amazed by the render quality of the engine and how it is easily accessible! Really a great tool!

Still have somes issues to figure out (like have brighter shadow on terrain with global illumination) but it was quite a good introduction!


Archive of all screenshots in 1080p